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This Friday marks the release of Opt Out, the sixth full-length effort from NYC-based experimental outfit Cinemartyr, which takes on a more “lean, direct, and industrial” approach to the band’s established blend of soundtrack-inspired noise, rock, and post-punk. In contrast to past efforts, the new album presents the group’s attempts to write based on intuition and playability in the live setting, adopting a philosophy that “the body dictates the note,” rather than aural merit; part of this sees vocalist/guitarist Amber Moon Voltson taking center stage with expressive falsettos, with founding guitarist/vocalist Shane Harrington’s staccato shouts taking on a more diminished role. As well, the band’s primary rhythm section of bassist Aaron CT and drummer David Goldman are further augmented by guest performances by Luke Folger on drums, Ben Backus on bass, and violinist Laura Lutzke to add further sonic dimension and allow listeners more room for interpretation. Harrington explains that “Though Opt Out has a story, that story is not enforced upon the listener,” going on to state that overexplanation “tends to kill art,” and that the audience is granted permission to do as the title suggests.

Opt Out follows up on Cinemartyr’s Death of the First Person, released in 2020, and will be released on June 17 via Light Sleeper Records; pre-orders are available now. The album’s opening track “Terms and Conditions” was released as a single on February 3, while a video for “Delete Yourself” made its premiere on BrooklynVegan on April 29.


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  1. Matt says:

    This album kills. The instrumentation is out of this world. Loving the vocals. Loving all of it, really.

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