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In this special exclusive, ReGen Magazine is happy to present a preview stream of the eponymous full-length debut from post-punk act Flood Twin. Recorded at Madison Studios in the band’s hometown of Atlanta, Flood Twin is the culmination of this trio of veteran underground and alt. rockers, spearheaded by bassist/vocalist Grant W. Curry. Having established himself in New Orleans as a member of James Hall’s Pleasure Club, along with drummer Sterling, as well as working with The Dark Horse Project and Hazard County Girls, Curry began working with guitarist J. Leslie Hedberg in early 2020; the trio was solidified when Curry called on Sterling to join, he having served in several new wave bands, while Hedberg had been a member of several punk rock bands in New Orleans.

With tracks like the swaggering “People,” the bass-driven “Control,” and the sardonic “America,” the album evokes a nerve-wracking blend of post-punk and alt. rock influences that range from the irrevant bravado of The Cramps and The Birthday Party, the darkly danceable gloom of Bauhaus, to the fiery and socially charged Killing Joke. “Our influences certainly sit squarely between 1977-1985,” Curry comments, “an era I consider to be full of daring adventure, with dub remixing in Jamaica, post-punk in England and industrial music in Berlin.” From Curry’s minimalist yet powerful bass, Sterling’s funky yet straightforward drummer, and Hedberg’s spacious guitar, Curry explains Flood Twin’s sound as “decidedly minimal,” drawing on an intentional repetition and lyrical exposition that “eschew the lushness attained from excessively overdubbed arrangements.” Recorded primarily live to capture the band’s spontaneity, “the mechanized propulsion of the songs was never accidental.”
Flood Twin is due for release on October 8 in digital and CD formats, which will be available via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.


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