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Kansas City, MO based industrial/rock group Razorwire Halo has released a lyric video for “Cover My Eyes,” directed by Kenn Little of A Ghost in Every Room Production. The group describes the track as a sonic tribute to ’90s alt. rock and industrial with a modern feel exploring the dangers of “what it is to look but not see.” The single release for “Cover My Eyes” is slated for August 14 via INgrooves, with the group’s next album, All the Terrible Things due out later this year. The track was written, produced, and mixed by vocalist Tak Kitara and guitarist Kyle Potter, with mastering provided by the renowned Maor Appelbaum. The lyric video made its premiere on Ghost Cult Magazine on July 17; the publication destribed the track, “Tak Kitara’s smokey, urgent voice, the sensory overload feeling of the clip helps the narrative of the lyrics claw their way inside you.”


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