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Four years since the Eastern European electro/rock group’s debut, Raizer has at last announced the release of a sophomore record, titled Resurrection. With the band currently signed as one of the foremost acts on the FiXT Radium imprint thanks to its mix of driving synthwave ambient, drum & bass energy, and rock & roll defiance, Raizer has maintained an active if sporadic presence since 2017’s We Are the Future with a series of singles, remixes, and compilation appearances; as such, singles like “Explode,” “Phoenix,” “Chaos,” “Free,” “Weightlessness,” “Precious,” “Wave of Change,” and “Speed” are now revealed to have been leading to Resurrection, all produced by Anton Vladimirov. With pre-orders available now via Bandcamp and the FiXT webstore, Resurrection will be released on September 10 in digital and CD formats.


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