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With the release of her third album as Queen Kwong steadily approaching, Carré Kwong Callaway has revealed its latest single, titled “Without You, Whatever.” The track stands out from the rest of the album, with Callaway stating that it was written initially to entertain producer Joe Cardamone, “trying to imitate Bowie,” and singing in an uncharacteristic and difficult falsetto range, resulting in what might be her only “pop” song. As the song is about missing someone despite their negative impact on one’s life, thus relating to the overarching themes of mortality, loss, and betrayal that resonate through Couples Only, the artist had originally not intended the song to be included; this changed at the behest of Tchad Blake, who commented to Callaway, “That’s your single!”

Without You, Whatever” marks the third single from the forthcoming Couples Only, following “I Know Who You Are” and “On the Run,” with the album due for release on July 12 via Sonic Ritual Recordings. Produced by Cardamone (The Icarus Line, Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe) and mixed by Blake (Arctic Monkeys, Elvis Costello), the album features instrumental contributions from drummers Mike Musmanno (The Misanthropes, The Icarus Line) and Devon Ashley (The Pieces), bassist Drew Rollo, guitarists Darian Zahedi (CRX, The Witnesses), and Elise Poirier (YUM, Cafe Racer), Kristof Hahn (Swans, The Angels of Light), Laura-May Carter (Blood Red Shoes), and keyboardist Roger O’Donnell (The Cure). Written in the wake of Callaway’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and her subsequent divorce, she describes Couples Only as “not a fun album, but, at times, it’s a funny one.” The record will be available digitally, as well as in a limited edition 180g white vinyl.


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