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Carré Callaway – a.k.a. Queen Kwong – has demonstrated a unbridled intensity in her music, with July’s release of Couples Only being the latest example. From that record comes the music video for “Sad Man,” which sees Callaway addressing the ignorance and negative attitudes surrounding the “rat race” of Los Angeles life, pointing the proverbial finger at “the f*ckboys, the narcissists, the band dudes who think they’re all that.” Inspired by Abel Ferrara’s 1992 crime drama Bad Lieutenant, the video features Jackass star Johnny Knoxville inhabiting the role for which Harvey Keitel had given what is still regarded as one of his most iconic performances – in the film, Keitel portrays a New York police officer who indulges in drugs, alcohol, gambling, and sexual misconduct, before seeking to avenge a nun who had been raped, hoping to achieve redemption. “I knew it would take a really special guy to perform in the video,” Callaway explains, recognizing Knoxville’s fearlessness and humor as essential components to his fulfillment of the titular role. She goes on to praise Knoxville, “It was amazing to work with someone who could have easily been a diva but instead gave 100% of himself to the role, learning all the words and embracing the discomfort.”

The “Sad Man” video was directed by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line, Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe), who had also produced Couples Only. Released on July 12 via Sonic Ritual, the record marks Queen Kwong’s third full-length effort, its themes dealing with Callaway’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and her subsequent divorce from former band mate Wes Borland. The album features instrumental contributions from Cardamone, drummers Mike Musmanno (The Misanthropes, The Icarus Line) and Devon Ashley (The Pieces), bassist Drew Rollo, guitarists Darian Zahedi (CRX, The Witnesses), and Elise Poirier (YUM, Cafe Racer), Kristof Hahn (Swans, The Angels of Light), Laura-May Carter (Blood Red Shoes), and keyboardist Roger O’Donnell (The Cure). “Sad Man” is the fourth single from Couples Only, following “I Know Who You Are,” “On the Run,” and “Without You, Whatever.”


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