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Presented by Distillerie Du Quai and taking place on the weekend of October 9-12 is the Avant-Garde Electronic Music Festival. Showcasing artists and DJs in multiple styles of electronic music, including new wave, industrial, EBM, coldwave, doomcore, and neurofunk, the festival will be a virtual streaming event with each performer filmed live from Le D’Auteuil in Quebec. Among the performing artists will be Creature, Biotek, Genghis Dhan, Madok, The Tuque Brothers, The Freak, Strafe, and more; in addition, the event will feature a suspension performance, visual projections, and live artist paintings. A full roster of artists and set times for the event can be found on the Avant-Garde festival website, with tickets available via Le Point Devente (The Point of Sale); additional information can be found on the Avant-Garde Facebook event page.


Avant-Garde Electronic Music Festival
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Quai Distillery
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Le D’Auteuil
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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