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The release of Let Your Obsessions Run Wild earlier this year marked what founder and front man Philippe Deschemin refers to as “the beginning of a new musical cycle” for Pure Obsessions & Red Nights, with the video for “Don’t Let the Night Die in Vain” being the latest indication. Directed by longtime collaborators Matteo and Chiara of VD Pictures, Deschemin explains that he wanted a location that looked “big, wide, haunted… a place where Mr. Strangler could be appearing, like a ghost,” referring to the titular character of the conceptual narrative adorning the band’s previous trilogy of albums; as such, “Don’t Let the Night Die in Vain” was shot in an old paper factory in Switzerland,” with the character locked in a spectral state of being “half alive, half dead,” a serial killer sentenced to death now acting as a guide for a young woman seeking to escape an abusive boyfriend, “teaching you how to live and how to fight, when you think that all hope is gone.”

With Deschemin stating that he feels “Don’t Let the Night Die in Vain” represents the album’s essence, Let Your Obsessions Run Wild sees Pure Obsessions & Red Nights shift toward a more melodic sensibility, incorporating more darkwave and synthpop influences than the industrial and goth/rock of the band’s previous output as PORN. Written, mixed, and produced by Deschemin, the album was released on April 22 via Les Disques Rubicon, with eight of its 10 tracks released as singles – “Don’t Let the Night Die in Vain” was first released on January 28. Since the album’s release, the band has also released the remix singles “The Heartbeat of the Moon” with Entropy Zero and “Love Like Knives” with Soul Machine.


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