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After joining the experimental record label with the release of the “On the Run” single in October 2019, Dais Records has announced the debut full-length album from Cardiff, U.K. synthpop duo Private World. Referred to be the imprint as a culturally driven work, if not lyrically facing forward, Aleph sees Harry Jowett and Tom Sanders exploring what they call the “pop psyche,” eschewing the conventions of synthpop toward something broader and more encompassing of the whole of pop music; the band touts such influences as Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Spandau Ballet, and Talk Talk. With the titled defined as “oneness of God,” Aleph is due for release on August 28 digitally via Bandcamp, and in CD and vinyl formats via Dais Records’ webstore – the clear purple vinyl variant is limited to 900 copies, while the clear purple splatter variant was limited to 100 copies before it sold out. The music video for “Hypnagogia” premiered on June 18 via AnOther Magazine, while the track is available to stream on Bandcamp.



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