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Primitive Race has announced the long-awaited remix companion to the band’s 2017 Soul Pretender album, titled Cranial Matter, via Metropolis Records. Featuring remixes by the likes of Dave Lombardo (Misfits, ex-Slayer), Rodney Anonymous, Ego Likeness, Angelspit, Skatenigs, and more, Cranial Matter will be released on August 9 in CD and digital editions; the digital edition includes an additional three remixes by Pop Will Eat Itself, GoFight, and John Fryer (Black Needle Noise), with pre-orders available now via Bandcamp and the Metropolis webstore. Cranial Matter is dedicated to Primitive Race front man Chuck Mosley, who passed away six days after the November 3, 2017 release of Soul Pretender; since his passing, the band re-released the album in a limited edition vinyl with all the profits donated to MusiCares. Prior to joining Primitive Race, Mosley was best remembered as the original vocalist for Faith No More.


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