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Primitive Race has debuted the music video for the Dave Lombardo mix of “Turn It Up,” a track that appears on the industrial/alt. rock band’s latest album, Cranial Matter. Having made its premiere via Consequence of Sound on the album’s release date of August 9, the video acts as not only a celebration of the band’s late front man Chuck Mosley, but also of female skateboarders as it prominently features Hall-of-Famer Cindy Whitehead, who was also Mosley’s sister-in-law. Band founder and bassist Chris Kniker comments that Whitehead’s involvement in the video “was the perfect backdrop to honor him in a cool but personal way,” further stating that Mosley “was extremely proud of Cindy’s accomplishments and his passion for skating can be traced back decades as well.” This pride for his sister-in-law extended as he would sport onstage the “It’s Not About Pretty” vintage flannels supporting women in skateboarding, even giving them away to anyone expressing admiration for them to spread the message. Further reminiscing on how she first encountered the renowned musician at a gig in Los Angeles in 1993, Whitehead recalls “his intense stage presence,” stating that he was “larger than life, screaming lyrics at the audience, who were going nuts in response.” She concludes, “He may have been a hardcore musician and legend, but to me he was so much more.”

Best known as the founding drummer for legendary thrash metal band Slayer, Dave Lombardo now performs with Suicidal Tendencies and the touring lineup of the original Misfits. For his remix of “Turn It Up,” he focused on production, arrangement, and instrumentation while retaining the original tracks recorded by Primitive Race drummer Dale Crover. The video features skaters Beverly Flood and Cassie Oseguera, with footage provided courtesy of Dusters California.
Cranial Matter was released on August 9 via Metropolis Records as the companion to 2017’s Soul Pretender; along with the Dave Lombardo remix of “Turn It Up,” the album features remixes by Angelspit, GoFight, Dave “Race” Ogilvie, Ego Likeness, Pop Will Eat Itself, Black Needle Noise, Rodney Anonymous, Skatenigs, and the original track “Your Heart in Real Time” featuring Chris Connelly. Cranial Matter is available in digital and CD formats.


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