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With a new album in the works, Sheffield, U.K. electro/punk act Pretty Addicted has premiered a new music video for the track “Tones & Whiskey.” With the song marking a shift toward a more sultry and erotic vibe in contrast to the heavier, more aggressive and danceable sounds of the band’s usual output, the the video was shot and edited by Loki Films, with direction from Pretty Addicted founder and songwriter Vicious Precious, who describes the video as “quite steamy.” The imagery of club goths and punks carousing in decidedly sexualized fashion suitably complements the song’s carnal atmosphere, with Precious citing the influence of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” and In This Moment’s “Whore,” but with an electronic twist.

“Tones & Whiskey” follows in a series of singles eventually leading to the release of Soul For Sale; the album will marks Pretty Addicted’s first full-length album since 2017’s The Magic of a Lunatic, with the “Mother,” “Puppet,” and “Soul For Sale” singles all available via Bandcamp.


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