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Justin K. Broadrick continues to march to his own esoteric beat with the recent release of his latest offering under the JK Flesh moniker. As its title suggests, and as is expected for this outlet, Sewer Bait presents Broadrick’s particularly distorted brand of guttural and filthy electronics, filtering the pumping 4/4 simplicity of techno through a mélange of effects that evoke the metallic reverb of dub and the mechanical thrust of industrial. Released on Friday, November 4 via Pressure, the artist calls it “An album of dirty dread techno slo-mo productions,” while the imprint’s founder Kevin “The Bug” Martin says of Sewer Bait, “You don’t have to dig techno to dig this dirt; you just have to enjoy having your head taken off and your body physically punished.” Such has been Broadrick’s inimitable style through his various projects, with Sewer Bait marking his sixth full-length album as JK Flesh, not counting numerous collaborations, EPs, DJ mixes, and split albums; Pressure had previously released in 2021 the Disintegration Dubs album from G36 vs. JK Flesh, while February of this year saw Broadrick unveil New Religions Old Rules via his own Avalanche Recordings imprint, an album that had originally been intended for a 2020 release. Furthermore, Broadrick and Martin have hinted that a double-LP edition of Sewer Bait is due to appear in 2023, while the album can now be purchased digitally via Bandcamp.


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