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As the band steadily grows its international audience, Siberian post-punk group Ploho has also its linguistic palette with the release of “Plattenbauten.” The single features a newly recorded rendition of the band’s 2015 “Новостройки” debut, the lyrics translating the song into German for the first time in Ploho’s history; front man Viktor Ujakov explains, “This song was playing in German in my head when I found myself in eastern Berlin,” likening the atmosphere of the communist-era highrise apartments to his home of Novosibirsk in West Siberia. As such, the song’s themes relate to the similarities shared by people all over the world, regardless of technology, politics, or “whatever is going on – it doesn’t matter.” Translating to “New Buildings” in English, the lyrics transpose the words of German poet Boris Shneider to help provide a new spin to a classic Ploho track, the video directed by Igor Tsvetkov and featuring Ujakov walking through an urban back-alley.


Released on February 18 via Artoffact Records, the “Plattenbauten” single is available to purchase/stream on Bandcamp. The standalone single follows just over a year after Ploho’s 2021 Фантомные Чувства (Phantom Feelings) album


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