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Having signed with Canadian imprint Artoffact Records earlier this year, Siberian post-punk group Ploho has released a new single for the upcoming album, Фантомные Чувства (Phantom Feelings). Of “Forgive Me / I’m Sorry,” front man Victor Uzhakov states the song to be “about the moment of saying goodbye to someone very close,” and the difficult period of humility and mourning that follows, further drawing analogies to the house falling apart and the birds migrating without you. Фантомные Чувства (Phantom Feelings) is due for release on February 5, 2021 in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, with the latter available in black, clear wax, and a collector’s edition test pressing. The album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp, with “Forgive Me / I’m Sorry” (“Прости”) and the preceding track “Between Us” (“Между нами”) available for preview streaming.

Ploho was formed in Nobosibirsk, Siberia, Russia in 2013 by Uzhakov, Andrei Smorgonsky, and Igor Starshinov. Over the years, the trio has steadily built up its fan base in Russia, recording four albums and several EPs, followed by several tours and festival appearances throughout Europe. After the 2019 release of Пыль (Pyl), Belarusian Sacred Bones act Molchat Doma collaborated with Ploho on the “По краю острова” (“Along the Edge of the Island”) single, available now on Bandcamp. Artoffact then signed the band in June of this year for a mult-album deal, with Фантомные Чувства (Phantom Feelings) being the first on the label.


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