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Among the many bands spawned as a result of the pandemic is Hellblind, the new group from Mark Clayden and Paul Fletcher, with March 23 marking the release of the band’s debut EP. Channeling their collective histories in the alternative metal underground, the band was formed in 2021 with the intention of conjuring the heaviest music either have ever written; as such, A Plague On All Your Houses presents what Hellblind calls a “savage” and “unapologetic” helping of “pissed-off metal,” produced, mixed, and mastered with Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio. With pre-orders now available, the EP will be released on Revenger Records via Cargo Records, and was preceded by the “Hitched” single released on March 11. Vocalist/lyricist Adam Frakes-Sime explains that the song “is about the slow build of resentment within a marriage gone bad, the slow unraveling of respect for one another as the constant unwinnable battle wages amid the feeling of loss of one’s true self to another.”

Album CoverMark Clayden is best known as the bassist and founding member of Pitchshifter; originally spelled Pitch Shifter, the band is credited as one of the early practitioners of industrial/metal, with Clayden also serving as the lead vocalist on the legendary Industrial debut. Paul Fletcher is the guitarist for metal act Romeo Must Die, of which Adam Frakes-Sime is the lead vocalist; Fletcher was also featured on The Scene Is Dead, the 2007 sophomore album from This Is Menace, the metalcore supergroup formed by Clayden with drummer Jason Bowld in the midst of Pitchshifter’s hiatus. Hellblind is rounded out by guitarist Charley Olden and Romeo Must Die drummer Will Romain. In addition to the EP’s release, Hellblind has also revealed a lyric video for the second single, “Evil Eye.”


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