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Transcending genres to become a musical institution unto itself, Pigface has announced a special benefit performance in support of longtime band member and fellow luminary of the industrial music scene Charles Levi. Having been hospitalized earlier this year with a number of longstanding ailments, the outpouring of support for the legendary bassist has been staggering, with friend and drummer Martin Atkins doing his part to keep friends and fans apprised of his condition; “Charles continues to improve slowly and cautiously,” he states, with the upcoming performance to feature an all-star lineup yet to be announced, yet which Atkins promises “will not disappoint.” Organized by Chris Harris (Project .44, ConformCo) and The Metro in Chicago, Pigface will be taking to the stage on February 11, 2022, with tickets available now in multiple VIP packages.
First coming to prominence and best known for his work in My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Charles Levi has been s ataple of the scene for three-and-a-half decades. He has been a member of or contributed to such bands as Project .44, ConformCo, H3llb3nt, Black From the Dead, Die Warzau, Sister Machine Gun, Haloblack, KMFDM, Sheep On Drugs, The Urban Soundtrack, and of course Pigface. The full details of his hospitalization and recovery can be read on the GoFundMe campaign organized by Wolf Dodge to help cover Levi’s medical costs; to date, the campaign has raised $22,336 of a projected $30,000 goal. As well, Spoils of Grace recorded the “Fire///Storm” single with Thrill Kill Kult vocalist and Levi’s friend and former band mate Franke “Groovie Mann” Nardiello, released on Halloween, with all proceeds from the digital sales to be donated to Levi.



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