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Pandemic be damned, the Prophet of Pork Mr. Raymond Watts preaches and preys upon the masses with the announcement of the latest album from <PIG>, titled Pain is God. This marks the Lord of Lard’s third full-length album since returning to the industrial/rock scene in 2015, with “Rock n Roll Refugee” now appearing as the first single and music video, marching its way through the speakers with a decadent dance beat. With Watts calling the song “loose enough for your vices and tight enough for your virtues,” the single features the soulful backing vocals of Michelle Martinez and a guitar solo by Steve White. This marks the first time since 2004’s Pigmartyr (originally released under the band name of Watts, and re-released as a proper <PIG> album the following year as Pigmata), with White having rejoined the live band in 2019. Regular visual collaborator E Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs directed the video, nodding to theFluxus movement’s Name June Paik and George Maciunas rather than the usual Warhol-ian mainstream pop art, acting as “homage to intermedia, filtered through the mind of the Swine.”

Album CoverPain is God is due for release on November 20, with the standard edition in digital and CD formats via Metropolis Records, while the deluxe vinyl edition is through Armalyte Industries; both are available for pre-order now on Bandcamp. Along with “Rock n Roll Refugee,” the record will feature new versions and mixes of songs that were featured on the 2019 exclusive tour-only EPs The Wages of Sin and Mobocracy, as well as <PIG>’s rendition of the “Seed of Evil” collaboration with John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise, and a new version of “Kickin’ Ass,” the first track on What Do You Know, Deutschland?, the 1986 debut album from KMFDM on which Watts originally co-wrote and sang.



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