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Behold the Mighty Swine as the industrial/rock legend known as <PIG> has unveiled the new music video for the title track from his upcoming 12-inch vinyl EP, Sex & Death. Written, performed, produced, and mixed by the Lord of Lard himself at his London studio Ranch Apocalypse, Mr. Raymond Watts was joined by his fellow partners in crime EN ESCH on backing vocals and Steve White providing additional guitars. Fashioned as a lyric video complete with snippets of strippers, the “stargate” sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jesus Christ, and the Coronavirus, “Sex and Death” was directed by Ibex with graphics provided by Mark Griffiths.

Mastered by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media and with artwork designed by Vlad McNeally, the Sex & Death EP is due for release on July 10 via Armalyte Industries, with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp; presented in three variants that include two tarot car varieties – “Sex” and “Death” – with the cards doubling as a download card for a digital edition of the EP. Both tarot card editions of the EP have sold out, with only 54 copies of the signed color vinyl remaining. Along with “Sex & Death,” the EP features three remixes – “The Wages of Sin” remixed by <PIG>’s Ultra Heavy Beat cohorts KMFDM, “Confession” by fellow industrial heavyweights Front Line Asesmbly, and Watts’ own rendition of “Situation.”


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