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Four years since the band’s last record, the renegade South Dakota hellbilly band Phantom of the Black Hills returns with a new album, titled That Witch. As on the previous album, the band is joined by Heathen Apostles’ Mather Louth, sharing vocal duties with The Phantom as That Witch picks up where 2017’s Scalped left off, the title evoking that album’s “Wild Witch of the West,” which featured Louth’s first collaboration with Phantom of the Black Hills; as such, the title track “That Witch” is available to preview stream, while a lyric video was created for the album track “Buck Knife,” recounting the tale of a veteran of the American Civil War suffering from PTSD. Due for release on July 2 via Ratchet Blade Records, That Witch is available to pre-order via Bandcamp in digital and CD formats, with the pre-sale including buttons and stickers as part of the CD digipak. As with all of Phantom of the Black Hills’ albums, Chopper Franklin returns for production and mixing duties.



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