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It has been nearly a full year since the band made its debut with The Haunted The Hunted, but now Mach FoX and Craig Saunders stand poised to reveal their full-length record under the banner of Fox Nova Project. As the title of PredatorPrey suggests, the album sees the electro/industrial duo weaving “a tale of terror and empathy from the perspective of the Predator and the Prey,” the two locked in a primal and instinctual conflict that culminates in the two accepting and understanding their conditions; the four tracks from the preceding EP are presented in remixed and remastered form, along with two new tracks to “bring closure to the tale,” resulting in three Predator mixes, three Prey mixes. Due for release on September 16 via Phage Tapes, PredatorPrey will be available in digital and CD formats.
That same date will see the release of Mach FoX’s VideoLogico solo record, also in digital and CD formats. Drawing on material FoX had developed for his livestream events, blending musical performance and visual projections, the album follows his Hollow Moons EP, released in December of 2021, with the “LowTech” single offering the first taste of VideoLogico this past August. Conceptually, the album presents a cyberpunk-inspired narrative of corporate manipulation, virtual reality, and the perpetual battle between hi- and low-tech – “this cycle is never ending… until the end.”
“It was not originally planned to release both on same date,” FoX explains, “but since there are many delays and obstacles these days for physical production and shipping, the label Phage Tapes has decided that both will be released on this date.” Both will be available via the Phage Tapes Bandcamp.


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