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With the 2021 release of Lustful Sacraments, French musician/producer James Kent took the dark synthwave of his Perturbator moniker down more post-punk territory. From that album, he now releases the music video for the closing track, “God Says,” once again working with director Jean-Emmanuel Valnoir Simoulin – a.k.a. Mestastazis – to present a monochromatic collision of the classic cinematic visions of Fritz Lang and Orson Welles with the lurid comic book ambience of Batman and Blade Runner. The song’s themes deal with “completely giving yourself up to hedonism,” according to Kent, who refers to “God Says” as the darkest track on Lustful Sacraments due in large part to the contribution of Parisian doom/rock act Hangman’s Chair; the two acts first connected in 2017 when Perturbator appeared on the band’s “Tired Eyes” off the Banlieue Trist album, with the group stating that “it was an honor to return the favor” by participating in “God Says.”

Lustful Sacraments was released via Blood Music on May 28, 2021, and is now available digitally as a name-your-price item via Bandcamp, as well as in CD and vinyl formats. “God Says” follows the video for “Death of the Soul,” also directed by Mestastazis. In addition, Perturbator will be embarking on a tour of Europe and the U.K. with Author & Punisher and Health, running from October 6 to November 10; a full listing of tour dates can be found on Perturbator’s website.


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