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Pelagic Records has announced the release of a box set collection to honor the work of Welsh musician and sound designer Brian Williams, better known to the world as Lustmord, titled The Other. Centering on his [ O T H E R ] album, the collection features the original album supplemented by a new set of remixes by contemporaries like Godflesh, Ihsahn, Zola Jesus, hackedepiciotto, Årabrot, Steve Von Till, Ulver, and more; The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] acts not only as tribute to the adventurous spirit of Lustmord, but to the dark ambient genre as a whole, drawing heavily on the artist’s own statement that “What matters is that you have good ideas and interesting things to say.” As well, The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] will be released on April 1 as a standalone collection in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available now; as well, a video for Godflesh’s rendition of “Ashen” has also been revealed.


Originally released in 2008 on Hydra Head Records, [ O T H E R ] was the tenth studio record from Lustmord, and has been since celebrated as one of the artist’s most definitively characteristic efforts. The album featured guest guitar performances by TOOL’s Adam Jones, King Buzzo of The Melvins, and Hydra Head founder and Isis front man Aaron Turner; along with the [ O T H E R D U B ] remix EP and the [ T R A N S M U T E D ] single, Lustmord would subsequently release the ambient remix companions [ The Dark Places of the Earth ] and [B E Y O N D], both of which are included on The Other collection. The Other box set will be released on April 1 in a nine-LP vinyl edition limited to 620 copies, and a five-disc CD edition limited to 350 copies; the collection includes a slipmat, pin, sticker, and patch.


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