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2021 has been a busy year for Karin Park – as a member of Årabrot, the band’s ninth full-length album, Norwegian Gothic appeared in April, followed by Park’s collaboration with legendary dark ambient and experimental industrial act Lustmord in June, both on the German Pelagic Records imprint. Now, the label has announced that it will be reissuing Park’s 2020 Church of Imagination; originally released independently by Park through her Djura Missionshus studio, the record marks her fifth full-length studio album, with themes revolving around magic, religion, and – appropriate to its title – the power of imagination. Recorded and produced by Park with her husband and Årabrot band mate Kjetil Nernes, as well as Blackhill’s Nick Sheldon, Church of Imagination followed a period of extensive touring, as well as becoming a parent; it was Park’s first new release under her own name after 2015’s Apocalypse Pop, a term that has been used to define her style. As such, the record presents the culmination of her diverse influences, ranging from her humble beginnings in a small Swedish village, her Missionary education in Japan, her studies at Stockholm Music Conservatory, modeling, and her love for synths and esoteric electronic, industrial, and experimental pop artists. “I love pop music,” she comments, “but I always need to dig deeper, evolve and find new territory.” Often referred to as the Scandinavian Nico, Brian Lustmord refers to her as “different – a different kind of sexy, a different kind of magic, a different kind of joy,” while also calling her a “nightmare,” “a force of nature,” and “a distant star, burning brighter.” Pelagic’s reissue of Church of Imagination will be released on December 10 of this year,


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