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With the Chicago post-punk and darkwave act’s “Nighthunter” having appeared on the soundtrack for the recently released horror movie Malignant, Panic Priest now moves forward with the announcement of a new full-length album. Making its premiere on October 7 via Post-Punk.com, “Angelsteal” acts as the first single from the forthcoming Psychogoria, its themes rooted in taking control from what Jack Armondo refers to as “The so-called ‘angels’ in our lives that might be an oppressive force.” He goes on to explain its themes of destiny, ““It’s about taking back the time they can inadvertently steal and using it to realize one’s future.” Written, performed, and produced by Armondo with co-production by Brian Fox, “Angelsteal” was released on October 8 and available to purchase/stream through Bandcamp; Psychogoria marks Panic Priest’s third full-length album, following 2020’s Second Seduction and the 2018 self-titled debut, and is due to be released in February 2022 via Negative Gain Productions.


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