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Friday, May 6 saw the return of Swedish synthpop act Lowe after 10 years as the band released the “Uniform Alpha” single. The song features the original quartet of vocalist/guitarist Leo Josefsson, bassist Rickard Gunnarsson, and keyboardists Tobias Esson and Mehdi Bagherzadeh reuniting to write the song as a show of support for friends and fans in Ukraine, the country where Lowe has performed the most outside of their homeland; as such, the video for “Uniform Alpha” was assembled from footage of Lowe’s numerous Ukrainian live shows, recorded from 2006 to 2009, with Josefsson stating that the song “felt like a natural and urgent thing to release.” Bagherzadeh adds, “It’s so surreal and absolutely heartbreaking that many of the places and people we’ve visited and learned to love are going through this horrendous nightmare.” Adding to Lowe’s solidarity with Ukraine was the inclusion of Ukrainian artists in the single’s creation, with award winning designer Dmytro Yarynych responsible for the artwork and symbols, while the song features a reading by actor Bogdan Stupka of “Wings,” a poem by Lina Kostenko. Available via Bandcamp and all major digital outlets, all proceeds from “Uniform Alpha” willl go to UNICEF in Ukraine.



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