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For over a decade, Bruce Nullify has been focusing his creative energies on the dark alternative and gothic sounds of Orcus Nullify, with Creatures of the Wheel standing as the band’s latest album. Released on November 16 via Mantravision Productions, the record sees Nullify continuing to address the ills and transgressions of a world in turmoil, giving voice to the subjugated and oppressed; influenced by the dark currents of politics in the United States, the lyrics by Nullify and Leonia Teaneck touch on topics of cultural and class warfare, inequality, gun violence, and the rise of neo-fascism. “There is indifference and lack of respect towards our fellow man,” Nullify states, “There’s a struggle between environmental policy and greed. It’s a short, dark road we’re on.” Driving these points home is the cover art taken from the Francisco Goya painting “Saturn Devouring His Children,” along with the music video for the “No Justice” single, with Nullify explaining the song to be “a statement of disgust with the toxic power hungry wealthy politicians and the ill educated that put them in a place of power.” The “No Justice” single was released on May 19, 2022, with the video having made its premiere on October 26. Produced by Bruce Nullify with additional vocals and drum programming by Ant Banister, Creatures of the Wheel is now available digitally via Bandcamp.



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