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Paul and Phil Hartnoll have cultivated quite a legacy under the banner of Orbital, as indicated now by the new 30 Something album acting as a celebration of the band’s history and longstanding influence on the world of electronic music. Eschewing the usual “Best Of” treatment, the album presents a series of remakes, remixes, and reinterpretations of some of Orbital’s most iconic tracks, inspired by the pair’s innovative live shows, with “Where Is It Going?” serving as the album’s first single. This Paralympic Version of the track updates the Hartnoll brothers’ 2012 collaboration with renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, in which Orbital’s music accompanied Hawking’s speech for the Large Hadron Collider at the London Paralympics Opening Ceremony, viewed by 11-million people in the U.K. alone; given the brothers’ enthusiasm for scientific discovery and the advancement of humanity and how these themes have been prevalent in Orbital’s music, they comment on Prof. Hawking’s words, “He’s tackling the big question of the unification of physics and the understanding of a theory of everything. We’re not there yet… but hopefully one day, we will find out where we are going,”

Album Cover30 Something follows the band’s 2018 Monsters Exist record and arrives 31 years after Orbital debuted with the “Chime” single and the subsequent “Green” self-titled album (often referred to as Orbital 1 or “The Green Album“), with the pandemic having delayed the Hartnoll’s initial celebration plans; as such, the concept behind this collection was to honor the past in a manner that still focused on the future, “yesterday becoming tomorrow.” Remixers appearing on the collection include David Holmes, Shanti Celeste, Joris Voorn, Dusky, Jon Tejada, Yotto, and more. Due for release on July 29, the album will be available digitally, as well as in a two-CD and quadruple LP vinyl boxset. Pre-orders of 30 Something are available now. Orbital is currently in the midst of a series of festival appearances throughout the summer, with a full listing of dates and ticket links available on the band’s website.


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