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Legendary techno and electronic act Orbital has revealed details for a new studio album to arrive in early 2023, starting with the release of the “Dirty Rat” single. The track sees Paul and Phil Hartnoll collaborating with Andrew Fearn and Jason Williamson of Nottingham post-punk duo Sleaford Mods, with its lyrical themes taking a harshly critical jab at those in positions of power and authority, as well as the voters who have granted them their power and placed blame for social and cultural ills on others. “The ongoing culture of non-thought mostly exists because of a lack of education into critical thought,” Williamson and Fearn explain as they ask, “How do you mobilise a people firmly imprisoned by a concrete system?” The Hartnolls echo this by calling the song a simple yet loud statement, a “real wake up kind of track” that says, “You voted for them, so take responsibility for your own actions.” Furthermore, Orbital praises their collaborators in Sleaford Mods, drawing parallels to the spirit of punk rock, along with comparisons to Cabaret Voltaire and The Shamen.

The collaboration is the result of Orbital’s remix of Sleaford Mods’ “I Don’t Rate You” single, released on October 13, 2021. “Dirty Rat” is the first single from the forthcoming Optical Delusion, marking Orbital’s tenth studio effort, and following up on 2018’s Monsters Exist. Written and recorded by the Hartnoll brothers in their Brighton studio in the midst of the pandemic, the new album also features contributions by Penelope Isles, Anna B Savage, The Little Pest, Dina Ipavic, Coppe, and The Mediaeval Baebes. Additional details for Optical Delusion will be appearing in the following weeks. Most recently, Orbital released the 30 Something collection to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the band’s debut “Chime” single.


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