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Ophelia Sullivan has earned a formidable reputation in experimental electronic and progressive metal, long serving as the live vocalist for Soulsplitter; now, the German musician/producer is branching out on their own with the release of Disposable Identity, marking Sullivan’s solo debut. With songs written over the course of the past eight years, the album began full production in 2021, blending varying aspects of avant-garde pop, trip-hop, electronic, and post-rock into a progressive sonic milieu that documents Sullivan’s journey through “a decidedly queen lens.” Themes of vulnerability, sexuality, otherness, and mental health abound in the album’s nine tracks, with guest performers including guitarists Vanessa Jung and Mo Harris Sommer, pianist Daniel Gräupner, and Soulsplitter drummer Fenix Gayed, as well as a small orchestra of various string players. Mastered by Alexander Dietz at Chemical Burn Studios, Disposable Identity is due for release on October 30 via Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms, with Sullivan planning to embark on a series of live dates in 2024.


Ophelia Sullivan
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