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After teasing audiences with the “Ripe” single in December, Canadian progressive and experimental metal act Ooluu makes good on the promise of new release in 2023. Today, October 27 sees the arrival of BREAK, which sees the band adopting a more spontaneous approach that goes back to “basics and brutality.” Sparked during the lockdowns and opting for a less melodic and noisier sound, the EP was recorded with minimal equipment to augment its punklike fury; BREAK presents seven songs offering titular variations of “Break,” along with the aforementioned “Ripe” single, and interlude tracks that collectively form the title of “[break].” Produced by the band’s guitarist Asa Holloh and mixed by bassist Zack Thi, Ooluu calls BREAK a “DMT-meets-ketamine mindfuck that doesn’t let off the gas for a single blood-soaked second.” The EP is available digitally via Bandcamp, along with an age-restricted video accompaniment, wrought with imagery to match the sonic violence, viewable on YouTube.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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