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Event PosterConcert festivals have often proven not only to be a much needed source of entertainment, but also a viable resource for the funding of numerous charities and beneficial causes. As such, Goths for Sanctuaries has announced a new fundraising event specifically geared toward animal sanctuaries and rescues around the world; taking place over the last weekend of the month, from September 24-28, the event will feature a veritable deluge of video performances from numerous bands in the goth/industrial scene – among them are the likes of Dead Agent, Twin Tribes, Audra, Ash Code, Black Rose Burning, Bootblacks, Lore, Mechanimal, Chaos Bleak, Sonsombre, From the Mouth ov Belial, Massive Ego, Then Comes Silence, The Bellwether Syndicate, and many more. Additionally, the event will showcase several exclusive live performances from Angelspit, Machines with Human Skin, 40 Octaves Below, The Cassandra Complex, Mephisto Walz, Pro Patria, and Inkubus Sukkubus, as well as a bevy of DJ sets to make for “Four days of nonstop bands and DJs.” A full listing of performing bands and DJs can be found on the Goths for Sanctuaries website and the Facebook event page, with each band contributing to their animal sanctuary or rescue of choice; audience donations are encouraged but not required, with links provided accordingly during the event.


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