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David J remains as prolific as ever, not only continuing a vibrant solo career as well as his reunion performances with Bauhaus, but also having joined Victor DeLorenzo and Darwin Meiners in the band Night Crickets. Following the January 21 release of the band’s A Free Society debut, the post-punk and dark rock trio is embracing the analogue warmth of the vinyl format, to be released on July 29 via Omnivore Records. The renowned bassist states that as the medium he first listened to music on, “there is a degree of nostalgia there, but what transcends that is the enveloping warm, rich quality of the sound.” DeLorenzo echoes the sentiment, explaining that the album “swings and sings” with a robust and rich measure of sonic detail and quality. The vinyl edition will feature its own artwork – a painting created by Mark Gleason; David J explains that the striking image of the flaming billboard “is suggestive of the idea of a free society being one that lives outside of the dictates of commercial manipulation and rampant consumerism.” Preceding this vinyl edition of A Free Society was the July 15 reveal of the kaleidoscopic music video for “The Unreliable Narrator,” a track that features an opening monologue from friend and actor Marc Warren (Band of Brothers, Mad Dogs).

Album CoverDavid J is best known for his pioneering work in Bauhaus, as well as Love & Rockets, and remixing and collaborating with numerous artists, while Victor DeLorenzo is remembered as the founding drummer for folk/punk act Violent Femmes, going on to work with the likes of the Dresden Dolls, The Velvet Underground’s Moe Tucker, and Nineteen Thirteen. Both appeared on Darwin Meiners’ Souvenir album in 2014, before working remotely during the pandemic to form Night Crickets and record A Free Society. The band’s writing process begins with each member beginning with the first third to allow the others to contribute to that idea, thus creating a collaborative group effort that also presents each members personal vibe; “We all enjoy each other and the process of making music together so much,” Meiners says. A Free Society can be purchased via Omnivore Recordings’ webstore.


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