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From Odessa, Ukraine comes the exploratory drum & bass group Medium, with the band now having announced the release of a new album. Having over the course of 15 years worked with such underground imprints as Ohm Resistance, Sonic Terror, Close2Death Recordings, and more, the band has now revealed clips from the forthcoming BE:AT War EP. The five tracks on this new release show Medium working in adverse and difficult conditions with the continuing invasion of Russian forces on their homeland; “The War come in our houses, but we are still alive and kicking,” the band comments, going on to ask for support via Patreon, “The price of a mug of beer can be invaluable help to us.” BE:AT War will also feature collaborations with the likes of Submerged and Counterstrike; the EP follows the band’s 2017 Evolution of the Universe album and will be released via Ohm Resistance.

In addition, Ohm Resistance has also revealed two new singles, with proceeds from both to go toward humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people. Released on February 27 and listed as a name-your-price item is the “Heroes of Snake Island (iди нахуй)” single from Submerged, with proceeds to go to Razom, a longstanding and verified charity devoted to building a prosperous democratic nation through the power of community. For the second single, Cathode Ray Tube’s “Dromedary/Submechanophobia” was released on March 4, with proceeds to benefit Voices of Children, focusing on providing accommodation, humanitarian, and psychological support for refugees and families affected by armed conflict. More information on these charities can be found via



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