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“Don’t fuck with the Nine Cities.” So warns the character of Gonzo, a champion Slash in The Game first depicted in the 1989 post-apocalyptic film The Salute of the Jugger – better known in the United States as The Blood of Heroes. Now, Ohm Resistance is presenting a musical reimagining of that world with the release of Nine Cities under the moniker of The Blood of Heroes, showcasing nine tracks produced and assembled by Enduser, Daniele Antezza of Dadub, and label founder Kurt Glück of Submerged. With Submerged on bass and Enduser on keyboards, The Blood of Heroes is a collaborative endeavor that features contributions by the likes of Mick Harris (Scorn, ex-Napalm Death), Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, ex-Napalm Death), Burton C. Bell (Ascension of the Watchers, ex-Fear Factory), Dr. Israel, Wreckless Life, Night Sins, Gore Tech, Ajamari, Jaymie Rodgers Pollack, Julia Gaeta, Gore, and Tanel Aeg. Due for release on March 24, Nine Cities is available for pre-order on Bandcamp in digital, CD, and two-LP vinyl formats.

The band had first formed in 2009, releasing the self-titled album The Blood of Heroes in 2010, followed in 2012 by The Waking Nightmare; Nine Cities marks the culmination of the conceptual trilogy envisioned by the band. Past contributors have included the likes of Bill Laswell, KJ Sawka, Jason Selden, Tony Maimone, Mark Gregor Filip, and Balázs Pándi,
Written and directed by David Webb Peoples, The Blood of Heroes featured a formidable cast led by Rutger Hauer, set in a desolate future in which a group of wanderers make their living playing a brutal sport. The film also stars Joan Chen, Vincent D’Onofrio, Delroy Lindo, Gandhi MacIntyre, Max Fairchild, and Hugh Keays-Byrne. Keays-Byrne is best known for portraying the lead villain of The Toecutter in Mad Max, and later in Mad Max: Fury Road as Immortan Joe; Fairchild had also appeared in smaller roles in Mad Max and Mad Max 2, better known as The Road Warrior. Peoples was also a co-writer on the 1982 sci-fi/cyberpunk classic Blade Runner, in which Hauer famously starred. Although not a widespread success upon its release, The Blood of Heroes has garnered a considerable cult following over the years, ultimately inspired the creation of what is now called Jugger. “Play hard, you’ll forget the fear.”
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