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Formed in London in what the band refers to as a “drugged-out ’90s haze,” the experimental electronic duo of O C O S I has released its first album of new material in nearly two decades. With Paul Molyneux and Simon Smerdon no longer operating in the same city, 373AHELL presents the pair continuing the principles and work ethic that defined their earlier output, creating a sound that is “familiar, but alos a move towards new sonic territories.” Residing in Ibiza, Molyneux comments that 373AHELL “came together quite naturally and fast” due to their adherence to the blueprint O C O S I first established before he and Smerdon parted ways in 2002 after the release of Here and Loathing and the 2 collaboration with Horchata; Smerdon, who lives now in Newcastle Upon Tyne, mirrors the sentiment, “We started talking again about the sounds, their abstract nature, films, putting them together, but also remembering what meaning has O C O S I for us.” Released on March 5 via Ohm Resistance, 373AHELL is now available to purchase via Bandcamp in digital and CD formats.


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