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NVRS – the noisy outlet of New York artist Dia Xan – has unleashed a new EP, titled No Pleasure, via Russian hardcore and dark industrial label Dirty Fox. Comprised of two tracks that further explore her blend of industrialized noise and scathing yet rhythmic electronics with spoken word passages, the No Pleasure EP marks NVRS’ first release on a hardcore label, having moved from dark ambient imprint Hexx 9, whose most recent release of hers was the May 2019 full-length album Soulsuck; as such, the tracks “No Pleasure” and “Frenemy” present elements of gabber and power noise. No Pleasure was released today, November 4, as a Beatport exclusive, with plans to be be made available via all digital and streaming outlets on December 9; preview clips can be heard via the Dirty Fox SoundCloud, while the EP can be heard in its entirety via Vimeo.


No Pleaseure / Frenemy // Dirty Fox 13 // by Nvrs from nvrseastel. on Vimeo.


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