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2020 saw the release of the Eden EP from Australian cybermetal quartet Noveaux, and now the band is following up with a remix companion. From the upcoming EP is this first single, a remix of the title track created by American electro/industrial act Imperative Reaction. “Connecting online was the only space for human interaction for a lot of us during the pandemic,” states Noveaux founder and vocalist James Barnes, stating that the remix EP was the resulting of finding “artistic collaboration as much as camaraderie in this niche space in other countries.” Having released three albums and two EPs thus far and performing with the likes of Wednesday 13, Davey Suicide, Cyndustry, and Darkcell throughout the band’s homeland, the single and the EP present the potential for Noveaux to attain a wider global audience. The Eden EP was released on March 27, 2020; a release date and further details for the remix EP will be announced very soon.



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