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Seattle electro and synthpop act Nouveau Arcade – the duo of Kevin “K/7” Preston and “LenX” Hotrum – has unveiled its latest single and music video, titled “Crazy Like That.” Written amid the turmoil of the global pandemic, the song’s lyrics and themes address the disconnection and isolation felt by many due to the lockdowns, the band stating that “It’s about coming to terms and being there for yourself and the people around you. You have to be healthy for yourself first before anything else.” With the band’s sound reflecting a myriad of ’80s retro synth and new wave influences, the Stefan Scherperel directed video features Mel as one who is “Alone in my room, waiting by the phone,” putting on her headphones so that she does not feel alone; suffering through the solitude and seeing herself restrained in a straitjacket, she ultimately reconnects with her true self as Nouveau Arcade reassures us that “We can get through this together.” Since joining the FiXT Neon roster, “Crazy Like That” marks the third single from Nouveau Arcade after “Summer is Over” and “Jukebox Cake,” released on November 17 and available now on Bandcamp. With over two decades of friendship and experience behind them as The Crying Spell, Preston and Hotrum have shared stages with the likes of Killing Joke, Julien-K, The Birthday Massacre, Filter, VAST, and more; Nouveau Arcade marks the pair’s focus toward a sound they have described as “modwave,” blending the aesthetics of ’80s groups like Depeche Mode and The Cure with the more contemporary electronic stylings of Nero and Deadmau5.



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