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North Carolina goth/electro act Nomadic War Machine will be releasing its latest EP, Are We Not Monsters, on June 30, with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp. With the EP’s five songs all having been written and created by Margaret Killjoy during the COVID-19 quarantines, she describes Are We Not Monsters as coming from and speaking to a very lonely period, further elaborating that “I’ve been thinking and learning more and more about the ways that monstrosity is constructed in society – who gets called a monster, who is othered.” As an example, she points to Christianity labeling local gods and spirits as demons, that “Everything that sits outside of a single mainstream conception of reality is deemed monstrous.” Adding to this, the music video Killjoy released for “The Fields Lay Fallow” off the 2018 Always///Forever album had been referred to by Asheville, NC’s SKYline News as “Satanic” for its depictions of paganism, witchcraft, and feminist revenge, while her 2019 video for “We Feel No Shame” from the Every Breath Our Last EP explored “the sense of alienation and community that one finds by being a rural queer.” As a trans woman, Killjoy remarks on the underlying threat of a right wing media publication choosing to focus on her “in a time when armed members of the KKK are showing up at local Black Lives Matter rallies,” while also stating that she finds the situation humorous as it had doubled the video’s view numbers – “I guess all press is good press.”


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