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After first joining forces in the late ’90s under the name of Novatron, U.K. industrial/noise artists Kevin Laska and Anthony Di Franco have once again teamed up in Urwelt. Picking up where the duo’s previous collaboration left off, the Distant Galaxies Collide debut album amplifies the pair’s penchant for industrial noise and power electronics as the four tracks weave droning and psychedelic soundscapes evocative of the unfathomable interstellar depths, true to the record’s title. “Our work has always been rooted in speculative imaginings of the universe’s origins and the primordial forces that formed us,” states Di Franco, going on to call the album a soundtrack for the pair’s imaginary visions of these colossal universal energies in an effort to attain “union with the void.” Today, June 4, marks the release of Distant Galaxies Collide via Brooklyn-based imprint Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, now available in digital and vinyl formats via Bandcamp; the track “Ancestral Gaze” can be streamed as a preview of the album.

Laska and Di Franco had released the New Rising Sun album in 2000 under the Novatron moniker, making Distant Galaxies Collide the pair’s first new collaborative release in 21 years. Laska has had a long association with Godflesh, not only known to many as the band’s principal live sound engineer, but also releasing music under his Transitional project via Justin Broadrick’s Avalanche Recordings imprint, including the split Halved. EP with Broadrick’s JK Flesh project in 2019 as KLASKA. A member of legendary psych-noise act Ramleh, Di Franco has released several albums as a solo artist under the names of AX and JFK, the latter’s Avalanche Zone released in 2021 to widespread acclaim.


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