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After initially teasing the band in October 2019, No Devotion Records has announced the upcoming debut single from new industrial collective NUKES. Curated by the label founder Mario Alberto Cabada, NUKES is described not as a mere project, but a formal band – a “family” with a multinational lineup, with “Commanding the Bullseye” to be released in late January/early February. With vocals by Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Cocksure, MINISTRY, Pigface), the single features contributions from NUKES members Tony Young (Autoclav1.1), Brian Hodges (The Blue Hour), Joey Pérez (Flesh Vomit), and H.F. Mino (Hetaira Decrépita), with Erie Loch (Primitive Race, Blownload, Wiccid) providing “the final tuneup.”

“30 years ago, I would have said ‘go fuck yourself’ or ‘I wish’ working with one of any of these musicians,” Cabada comments. “Now that it’s happening, I’m enjoying every minute; from the first layer of the song to adding vocals and the communication – the young blood and the heroes mixed up in one equation. I am very fortunate man.”
The “Commanding the Bullseye” single will also include a B-side track and possibly a remix; further information will be announced as it becomes available. Additional members in the NUKES camp include EN ESCH (<PIG>, Pigface, ex-KMFDM), Martin Bowes (Attrition), Mikel Andrew Vot (Electrovot), Marc Martinez (Larva), Roberto Mendoza (Panoptica), and Jose Javier MoDelevsky. Of the band, Cabada further urges listeners to “expect the unexpected,” commenting that “you may get an aggro industrial track or a decadent post-mortem ballad.” He clarifies, “People may expect another MINISTRY or another Revolting Cocks, but no. This is 2020 music, produced just for NUKES. The production won’t fall on just one person, but in every single one of the band members.”


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