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Having made her debut earlier this year with the release of the Tether EP, Dallas-based goth/industrial artist Nicole Marxen has now unveiled the music video for “Bones / Dust.” Directed by Richard Krause, the premiered via AudioFemme on November 22; calling Marxen’s vocals “haunting yet beautiful, like a siren’s call,” Krause explains that the song had flooded his mind with the kind of foggy and monochromatic images he depicts – an ethereal and monstrous cross between Limbo and The Mist. Marxen comments that she was “just blown away” by Kruase’s ideas upon being shown some test renders he’d created in Unreal Engine 5, ultimately responding “with superlative curse words in all caps” for the nine months over which the director created the final version. Krause further explains his desire to have done the song justice, concluding that he hopes viewers are “transported to where my mind went when I heard the song the first time.”

The Tether EP was released on February 26 of this year, marking Nicole Marxen’s debut as a solo artist after working with avant-garde pop act Midnight Opera. Although the majority of the songs on Tether were written in 2018, “Bones / Dust” dates even earlier, with Marxen calling the EP a meditation on the process of belated grief over the loss of her mother. “She passed away 10 years ago,” she says, “but because I was so young when it happened and my life was so busy, I really didn’t grieve until 2018.” Tether is available digitally via Bandcamp, while the limited edition cassette is now sold out; following the EP’s release, Marxen released the Black Taffy remix of the EP track “Wild Again,” also available via Bandcamp.



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