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Alison Lewis – a.k.a. Zoè Zanias – has announced the release of a new album to follow up on 2023’s Chrysalis, which will see the Berlin-based artist delving further into more sensual and alien dimensions; whereas Chrysalis represented a state of transition, Ecdysis appropriately sees the artist emerging from “total destruction” of the former self, the album’s experimental ambient and electronic soundscapes drawing on psychedelic states of consciousness and Zanias’ exploration of the biodiversity of the rainforest in Queensland, Australia. “I discovered the sound of everything that makes me feel okay when things aren’t okay,” Lewis explains, once again reiterating the titular themes of emergence, “The feeling of driving through the bush under the blinding brilliance of the midday sun, towards the sparkle and crush of the waves that would teach me what joy is again.” Written and produced by Lewis, with mixing by Ewan Kay, Zanias also goes on to say that Ecdysis is best experienced on headphones in total darkness, functioning as a healing process for the listeners as it was for the artist. The album is due for release on February 16 via Metropolis Records in North America and internationally through Fleisch Records, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp in digital, CD, and vinyl formats.


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