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This past October saw the release of Necromancer, the latest EP from the Dutch darkwave duo known as Vaselyne, and now the band is following up with an extravagent music video for the title track. Directed and produced by Dennis Overeem of Buddy Film Productions, the video features haunting choreography by Savea Kagan, backed by a contingent of dancers to provide a stark and striking visual accompaniment to the droning gothic atmospheres wrought with gritty guitars and throbbing electronics. “For the video, I envisioned myself as the Necromancer, a sort of witch surrounded by a coven,” states Vaselyne’s Yvette Winkler, going on to call the coven an extension of herself, the dance moves representative of the witch weaving a spell on band mate Frank Weyzig; “Yet, am I a construct of his mind, a tangible presence, or merely a figment of his imagination? Could I be a manifestation of his delusion – possessed, afflicted by mental illness, consumed by obsession, or merely a fleeting dream?” Written by Weyzig with Remco Helbers, the vocal harmonies of Weyzig and Winkler in tandem with the dreamy costumes and dancing makes for a mesmerizing showcase of Vaselyne’s music, hinting at what the band will be delivering to audiences as the support act for The Cassandra Complex for the latter’s upcoming European tour in March. The Necromancer EP was released via COP International on October 6, 2023, and is available digitally via Bandcamp.


Album CoverMost recently, The Cassandra Complex signed to COP International this past August, with the Death & Sex album to arrive on March 8 in digital and CD formats. The album features the current band lineup comprised of founders Rodney Orpheus and Andy Booth, guitarist Chris Haskett (Henry Rollins Band, David Bowie), keyboardist Brent Heinze (Probe 7), and cellist Mera Roberts (Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Faith and the Muse), with cover art created by Greg Rolfes. The CX40 tour begins with a run of shows in March, stopping in London, Amsterdam, Hannover, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, and more; the tour will then resume with another series of shows from May 19-24, hitting Leipzig, Prague, Vienna, Munich, and Frankfurt. The Cassandra Complex is also scheduled to perform at the Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim on August 11. A full listing of tour dates and ticket links can be found via the band’s website, with Vaselyne supporting on select dates.
In addition, The Cassandra Complex has announced plans to re-record a significant portion of the back catalog in celebration of the band’s fortieth anniversary, with COP International releasing these new editions throughout the year. Along with the new Death & Sex album, the first of these releases will be a remaster of 2022’s The Plague. “When we first wrote these songs, we didn’t have the tools to fully realize them the way we wanted,” Orpheus explains, “Now, 30 years later, we can finally make them sound the way they always sounded inside our heads.”

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