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Brandon Smith has been gradually bringing The Anix back into a collaborative mindset, with today’s release of “Crawl” furthering his association with fellow electro/rockers Julien-K. Written by Smith with Amir Derakh, the single hearkens back to the band’s roots in the ’90s, blending grunge and alt. rock with breakbeats and squelching electronics, the song presented in both vocal and instrumental versions produced, mixed, and mastered by The Anix. “Crawl” follows up on the “Spit You Out” single released this past October, a reimagining of a song originally featured on the Nightvision album, remixed by Clayton Schroeder and featuring an additional verse by Daedric’s Kristyn Hope. “The more I let go, and just go along for the ride,” Smith comments, “the more satisfaction I get. Learning to appreciate the ride, and not seek the end point is the most rewarding part.”


“Crawl” is available now digitally via FiXT on Bandcamp, marking the third collaboration with Julien-K after the “Your Lies Are Like Fire” and “Antilife” singles, as well as the live acoustic single “Where Is My Mind,” all released in 2021. Julien-K last released the Your Tears Mean Nothing” single and video in May of 2023, the song indicating the band’s veering away from the guitar-heavy sound of 2020’s Harmonic Disruptor toward a more darkly electronic vibe.

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Website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
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