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Blending various genres, media, and performance art, Boise-based artist Street Fever has revealed the latest single and music video from the upcoming Absolution album. Filmed and directed by the artist, the age-restricted video for “La Corde” presents a bleakly provocative vision of erotic obsession and spiritual awakening, the music a pulsating blend of electro, industrial, and avant-garde sonic experimentation with French lyrics. Released today, April 2, “La Corde” follows up on the “Fate” and “Sinner” videos, with Absolution to arrive later in 2024; the album’s themes center on Street Fever’s harrowing experiences with drug addiction, the loss of all their possessions, recovery from being institutionalized multiple times, and even incarceration in a South East Asian Prison in which the artist was nearly killed. Following the 2015 Afflictions EP, Street Fever has released several EPs and standalone singles, with Abominations marking the artist’s full-length debut.


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