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Ely Morgan has garnered a reputation in the annals of noise and dark rock performing in thelikes of Goth Jock, Die Princess Die, and Manta Ray, as well as touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, and as a promoter. Now, he has unveiled the lateststudio effort from Scuba Cop, presenting eight tracks of heavy punk and noise/rock; recorded by Morgan and mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Pete Lyman, Scuba Pop is available now in digital and vinyl formats through Bandcamp. The band’s name is a reference to Pee-Wee Herman (ostensibly the character’s favorite book), with the album presenting the dichotomy of aggression and accessibility – Scuba Cop vs. Scuba Pop, with the first four tracks on Side A spotlighting the heavier guitar-driven vibes, while Side B is based more on catchy hooks, all demonstrating the influence of ’90s alternative rock; lyrically, Morgan draws from personal experiences and observations, with a touch of sci-fi whimsy thrown in. Scuba Pop is Morgan’s second album under the moniker, following the 2020 self-titled album. A video for the album track “Damages of Disgrace” made its premiere via New Noise Magazine on June 13.


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