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Portland synth/punk trio Masonique has unveiled a new single, titled “Status Erratus,” marking the band’s second taste of the forthcoming album. Following up on “As the World Burns,” the new song offers further indications of the band’s developing sound, with founder and vocalist Ron Mason Gassaway, bassist Gerry Hathaway, and percussionist Daniel Morris pushing for a more progressive brand of synth-laden alt. rock; shades of David Bowie and Roxy Music clash with the sound of late ’70s New York a la Blondie, Talking Heads, and a touch of Suicide. Of its lyrical themes, Gassaway explains that the song “addresses the perils of social media, submerging us beneath an avalanche of alienation, hostility and confusion.” He goes on to say that pushing through the “digital detritus like a plant seeking the sun” provides an ideal escape. Like the previous single, the band has included a remix of the track with the dancefloor-ready Midnight Mix, with “Status Erratus” available now on Bandcamp. The full-length album is due to arrive on June 21 in digital and vinyl formats.


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