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Savage Republic has been one of the more enigmatic entities in the American post-punk and art rock scene, and although the current lineup features none of the founding members from the early ’80s, the band continues to run strong. Due for release on January 24, Live in Wroc​ł​aw captures the group’s momentous performance at the Stary Klasztor from January 7, 2023 with a setlist spanning Savage Republic’s four decades. Mixed by Kerry Dowling from the complete multichannel recordings, band member Ethan Port states that the album captures the current incarnation’s frenetic energy with an insider’s perspective, while Thom Fuhrman recounts that the 2023 European tour from which the show took place was among the band’s most arduous; as the longest lasting lineup in Savage Republic’s history, Fuhrman goes on to say, “We’ve become the Savage Republic that I always hoped we would be, but never were in the old days.” Live in Wroc​ł​aw will be released via Gusstaff Records in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp and the label’s webstore. From the live album, “Mobilization” is available to preview. Fuhrman and Port have been members of Savage Republic since the mid ’80s, with Dowling and Alan Waddington rounding out the quartet; founder Bruce Licher departed from the band departed after the group’s first tour following the 2002 reformation, the band having initially dissolved in 1990. Another former member from the late ’80s, Brad Laner went on to form noise rock and shoegaze act Medicine. Savage Republic released its eighth studio album Meteora on May 20, 2022 via Mobilization Recordings



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